What is CRPT?


Every year, millions are lost by people who are locked out of their crypto wallets. We offer a non-technology solution to a technology derived problem. A disaster backup plan for accessing your crypto wealth.

Keep your crypto wealth safe and sound

Do I need CRPT?

So, I’ve purchased my first cryptos. I did this through a crypto exchange. Is this not safe enough?

A crypto exchange is a platform that allows one to convert currency into cryptos by connecting buyers and sellers. The exchange earns a small commission for this facilitation.

Several high profile crypto exchanges have been and more continue to be hacked. Hackers are not your only concern though. The exchange could close for any reason such as going bust or it could be frozen by a regulator.

But I’ve secured my cryptos by making use of a hard wallet or hot wallet, so why do I need CRPT?

A hardware wallet or hot wallet gives one an extra layer of protection against cyber-attacks, phishing sites and malware. However, these wallets also come with risk of failure, destruction or loss.

To retrieve your keys in this event you will need your recovery phrase. This can be 12, 18 or 24 words depending on your wallet. CRPT securely stores these words for your retrieval in time of need.

This is where CRPT can provide an invaluable service.

Why CRPT is the ultimate back up to
gain access to your Crypto wealth

“Not your keys….. not your coins”

This is a saying that has been used in the crypto space for good reason.

What it means is that should your keys fall into the wrong hands, so does your crypto wealth.


Reinforced storage

CRPT is able to ensure safe, secure, highly confidential storage of your crypto seeds.


Secure backup copy

Your crypto seeds are split and two copies of each segment are printed using state of the art pin-tab technology.


Undisclosed locations

The copies are stored in separate secure facilities in undisclosed locations.

What is pin-tab technology?


Pin-tab print technology is tamper evident print on a scrambled or camouflaged background and printing is impossible to read without peeling back the covering film, once this is peeled it cannot be reinstated and as such is tamper evident.

Pin-tab print ensures the secure physical transmission of confidential information between two parties. Information is obscured through a highly dense multi attack resistant scrambled black patterned background. Only once the tab is peeled from the scrambled background is the data (information/seed) visible.

From the time you press print/submit NO person ever sees your seed. Your seed is then placed in two separate tamper evident envelopes.

When you request retrieval of your seeds, the envelopes are dispatched on separate couriers so that your seed is never together. A duplicate set is held by CRPT in case one or both envelopes are lost or destroyed in transit.

Why two copies? In the unlikely event that one copy is compromised by calamity or natural disaster either during storage or during return to you following retrieval, a back-up remains safe and available for retrieval.

Still think your seed codes are secure without CRPT? Think again.

Trying to find a great hiding place for your crypto seed? This is not as easy as it sounds.

When it comes to storing your Crypto recovery seed, you must bear in mind 3 things:


Unauthorised access

It must be protected from any unauthorised access.


Physical damage

You must ensure that it cannot be damaged by fire, water, theft or loss.


Reliable storage

The storage place must protect against loss or theft, and you must remember where that storage place is.

Think you have this covered? Ever hidden something in a safe place but you did such a good job that you forgot where you hid it?

What about online storage?

Online storage may sound like a great idea, however there is still a risk of hackers getting access. In a world where computer hacking and security breaches are commonplace, hackers could access your recovery phrase, recreate your wallet and do whatever they want with your funds.

This rules out storage on your laptop, flash drive, phone or any other online devices.

Offline storage is the most secure solution.

What about simply writing your phrase down on a piece of paper?

This also may sound like a good idea, but what if the piece of paper is damaged by fire or water or eaten by fish moths? Furthermore, you have to remember where you have hidden it.

What about memorising your seed phrase?

Ever had to make use of the “Forgot your password?” function on a website? That’s just one word, now try and remember a string of 12 to 24 words!

Considering you will not use these words on a regular basis, the chances of remembering them are even more improbable

CRPT is a crypto seed recovery back up plan.
Relax in the knowledge that you have your Crypto wealth secured.