Lost passwords render your crypto funds lost forever

crypto loss

Lost passwords render your crypto funds lost forever

Yesterday the team at CRPTSecure received a message from Kilo, who had seen one of our recent news articles, about his lost seed.

Kilo from Sandton becomes a statistic 

“I lost my password last year. Are you able to help me recover the lost seed?”


lost seed


Kilo bought nearly R500K worth of cryptocurrency through a reputable exchange. When entering his password, he decided to simply use his “usual password” but to change one letter. Kilo has done this many times before.

He reasoned that he would easily be able to remember which letter he had changed and anyway if he could not remember which letter he had changed, he would simply hit the “forgot my password” key and be able to reset his password. Kilo has received a baptism of fire into the revolutionary world of how cryptocurrency operates.


Crypto lost


The CRPTSecure team could have saved Kilo from this devastating loss, had he opted to take out a subscription. Had Kilo taken this simple step, he would have been able to retrieve his password from CRPT and subsequently access his funds.

Don’t make the same mistake. Learn from Kilo and others just like him.

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